Funny Camp Know Where 85 shirt

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Funny Camp Know Where 85 shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Funny Camp Know Where 85 shirt

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Extremely happy when I finally got my order I ordered the Funny Camp Know Where 85 shirt wrong shade of foundation but love the way it feels definitely will be ordering again just now I know to go thru foundation pics to select the correct shade. South dennis fans we are looking for a few people to help us tonight at the screening and we’re also looking for someone who could put peter and his two person team up for the night if you can do either or both please do not reply below instead email lastunicorn lisa gmail com right away and let her know. So I go into one of your victoria secrets store in newfoundland canada looking for a mastectomy bra and the young girl working looks at me and says a what a vasectomy bra what is a vasectomy bra I correct her on the name of the bra and she had no clue what it was I had to explain what it was and she said she would have to ask someone I watched her as she asked another young girl and I watched them laugh and she said no seriously educate your store managers and employees it s not bad enough to have breast cancer at age 35 but to have someone laugh at the fact I need a mastectomy bra and not even know what a mastectomy bra is when working in that line of work is completely disrespectful shame on you victoria secrets once I arrived home and realized what happened I decided to go on your website to see if you actually sell mastectomy bras I couldn t find them so I used your option of chat live this was the response I received needless to say justin never responded you as a company should be ashamed that this is how a woman a young adult gets treated after having breast cancer and has only one breast I cannot fathom a company such as yours treating a cancer victim this way I am extremely upset that this has happened to me and ashamed that someone would laugh over requesting such a bra once you lose your breast to cancer at such a young age it takes a lot to accept the look of your deformed body and after my acceptance of my body to go out and be laughed at is horrific I somewhat feel bullied and discriminated I feel the world needs to know just how I have been treated today by your company and that s just what I am going to do

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